30 Years

It's time to upgrade our tax system, America.

America’s tax system has not been overhauled in thirty years. We are losing innovative companies, big ideas and future growth because of our outdated system. The urgency for reform cannot be overstated – it’s time for an upgrade.


High Rates

Does Not Compute

America has the highest combined corporate tax rate among industrialized nations, at 39 percent. An anticompetitive tax rate harms workers, who bear up to 75 percent of the corporate tax burden, through lower wages.



Get With the Program

Studies show that updates to our corporate tax rate would have kept 1,300 companies in America over the past decade. Losing businesses to global competitors because of an outdated tax system endangers American innovation, ideas and economic growth.




Face the Music

Economists project that a modernized tax system would grow the nation’s overall economic activity, or GDP, by 2.2 percent or more over 10 years. This means more – and higher paying – jobs for U.S. workers.


It's time for an upgrade.

The last time our tax system was overhauled, most Americans hadn’t even heard of the internet, let alone a webpage. Our outdated tax system needs an upgrade  – one that’s focused on economic growth and job creation.